What Buggy/Travel System Should I Buy For Twins?

There’s some simple advice for getting a twin buggy. Keep it narrow so that doors are not a problem. And you’ll probably replace it later on as the kids get hardier, heavier and you want something that folds up a bit smaller.

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There’s two good options we heard as we canvassed twin mums for a good twins travel system.

iCandy Pear 2

This is one we have, bought second hand. Decent suspension and maneuverability given it’s size.

And you can attach the car seats as long as you plug in the right adapters.

iCandy Peach seems to be the follow up.

Baby Jogger City Select

Very similar in style, size and weight to the iCandy.

The Future

It looks like these are only good for a year or so, more experienced twin mums have suggested that you later on you can move to multiple buggies. Lightweight, off-road etc… depending on the activities you sue them for.

The benefit is the travel systems hold their value pretty well and your local TABMA association, twins group or NCT chapter are all good places to sell a buggy you’re not using any more.

Car Seats

You’ll want the Maxi-Cosi Pebble, which seems to be the de-facto car seat of choice in the UK. It’s not recommended to get second hand car seats, in the same way you shouldn’t get second hand bike helmets, you’ll want to know they are undamaged.

Given you’ve got twins, you’ll probably want to occupy the back of your car with a couple of bases that let you quickly drop and lock the car seats in place. These are also good for the next size car seat up, so will last about 3 years.

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