Multiple Custom Payment Pages on Paypal

Paypal allows merchants to customize it’s payment pages by adding logos and changing colors. We use this at ImpulseFlyer for our partnership with WSJ Asia.

To do this you pass a “page_style” variable with a value matching the name of your custom style in the standard Website Payments Standard form/button. It says so in the documentation.

However it took a lot of digging and guesswork to finally make it work. Initially I set up our custom ImpulseFlyer style and made it ‘Primary’ as suggested, then when I tried to pass a different ‘WSJ’ style I still got our primary page style.

The fix is simple, leave the non-deletable ‘PayPal’ style as the ‘Primary’ and always set a page_style in your form code. Job done.

Last updated on October 28th, 2011 by @andycroll