Startup Help in Singapore

I left Singapore in late 2012, this information is from then and may decay.

I’ve set up a couple of comapnies in Singapore, including ImpulseFlyer and have gradually formed a group of companies and people who I rely on to do the stuff that isn’t ‘making websites awesome’.

Thought I’d put a bunch of them in the same place.

Bookkeeping (and general advice awesome)

Juanita Sabapathy, Kolbri

The font of all knowledge for bookkeeping, admin and ‘the way things work’ in Singapore. Just an all round star. Knows the startup-scene incredibly well.


Chin Sing Ping, Chin & Associates

Fast, startup-friendly, good value and looks about half his age, the handsome devil.


Anthony Lo, Elpis Financial

Sorted out healthcare for ImpulseFlyer (important and not as expensive as you’d think) and public liability (for Red Dot).


Larry Chan, Prensa

Rendered awesome (boutique) business cards and let me geek out over paper for ImpulseFlyer. For any other more standard printing needs is super fast.


DBS Business Banking, DBS

Absolutely horrible online, but at the time was the only bank to allow a new account to have a business debit card. The most open to giving a merchant account to a startup and transacting in USD. You still have an arbitrary limit of one year of operations though.

I have heard good reports of Standard Chartered for general banking, but their payments people are awful.



Helpful and have a one-stop-ish solution that even includes China-specific debit cards. Helps when dealing with the banks (and AMEX) if AsiaPay are involved. Currently under implementation.