The Creative Team: A Manifesto for ImpulseFlyer

NB: This is a first version of what will no doubt become a more refined, more concise “what it’s like to work here” document, but this is my first-pass personal take. Excuse the bagginess.

So as ImpulseFlyer moves into its next phase, I’m beginning to consider what sort of team we want to create on the design & development team. And I’m looking for great people.

Our initial product is a relatively understandable one with a clear mission. Where we need to innovate is in the presentation and efficiency of that mission.

That’s not to say our business is planning to remain on a single track, there are future plans, but you’ll have to join to find out. If you can’t think of ways that the holiday booking experience could be improved you’re probably not the person we’re looking for.

As a designer-developer myself I want a team with strong design and user-experience focus. We will treat our users with respect; clear pricing, transparency, respect for their time and no bullshit tricks. For us it is about how things work, not simply how they look.

We must put thought and care into the digital interfaces to both our customers our hotel partners. Equally important are the tools we create that enable the rest of the business to do their jobs. In web and mobile, high quality design and engineering is the key difference.

Personally, I have little interest in being a pure ‘project manager’ I enjoy the practice and craft of executing design & code too much. This means we are only going to hire individuals who need very little hand-holding but enjoy the collaborative back-and-forth of problem-solving.

I’m looking to create a small team of high-quality, outgoing people. I believe that small teams of motivated people can produce incredible things, I don’t think that throwing more people at a problem solves it quicker… I believe in throwing the right people.

Sound like you?

What We Offer

We offer the standard perks you’d expect from any decent company; standard holiday; sickness leave and medical insurance. And of course the development machine of your choice. A craftsman needs quality tools.

To Experienced Designers: An environment where design is seen as a clear and valuable part of the business. Where you can apply your talent to make the best possible product and not to ‘skin this’ or ‘make this look nice’ but to define and understand the product in discussion with the business. Design is the product.

To Experienced Developers: A place where you have autonomy to own solutions to problems and work on a product that people are already using. No more pie-in-the-sky crap. This is a real product with real users.

You’ll be a designer too, if you consider the elegance of well written & tested code to be design (I do). You’ll certainly be expected to input into the how & why of any product decisions.

Be part of a teaching & learning organisation: as well as hiring excellent experienced people, we’re looking to hire bright young minds ready to absorb your years of hard-learned wisdom.

To Junior Programmers: You’ll be working with great, friendly people from whom you can learn.

Even if you’re the most junior person on the team our minimum salary is 4,000 SGD/month. We’re not interested in anyone who we would pay any less.

What We Don’t Offer

Promises on equity instead of a decent salary. Whilst we believe we’re going places, we don’t expect you to undervalue your skills based on an uncertain future. Our salaries are very competitive and whilst there is an equity component for the first few team members we don’t expect you to forego half your salary in return.

A place to hide. You’re good, you enjoy work, you like making stuff. We’re not interested in people who want to be ‘project managers’ or to merely direct the work of others. No passengers.